The Source System Defined

The Source System is the most powerful of all of OLR's data resources.

This system contains complete analysis functionality for all unitization, regulatory and prospecting information in Oklahoma. Utilizing this system allows you to bypass so many of the tedious tasks related to prospecting.

Imagine the convenience of having one system that simplifies the capture, tabulation, analysis and opinion creation relating to the spacing/unitization status of all units in the state, in each zone, and across time and distance. Each point represents a station on an historical trail along which spacing orders and oil and gas production occurs.

Without the power of The Source System, you must capture all spacing orders relating to your target land and geological depth/horizon/zone, tie them together and then make a determination of the unitization status of the target unit, including elimination of any conflicts.

An additional benefit to The Source System is that well density (based on increased density orders) and spacing are shown in the same entity and tied to the same zone.

For a much more in-depth explanation of The Source System and all of its features and benefits, contact Oil-Law Records for your personal demonstration at 405-840-1631.