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Since 1955, Oil-Law Records (OLR) has been – and continues to be – the Oklahoma oil and gas industry’s cornerstone information provider. No other provider has delivered so much valuable information to so many hard-working industry professionals for so long.


In an era when information has become a commodity and other providers seek to be all things to all people, OLR has retained its focus, quietly performing its vital function with unprecedented clarity and commitment to help you accomplish what really matters: drilling wells efficiently.


Every working day for the past six decades, OLR has meticulously updated and appended its one-of-a-kind, predictably accurate information database, continuously knitting together the most complex webs of information in the oil and gas industry.

What Does OLR Do?

We continuously compile, analyze and deliver oil and gas data…the data you need the most…the data you have to have to make optimal drilling decisions.


  • Conventional and Horizontal Spacing and Unitization
  • “Source” Spacing Unit Tracking System
  • Primary and Secondary Recovery Unit Tracking
  • Increased Density
  • Location Exception
  • Pooling
  • Injection Well Location
  • Nomenclature/Pool Naming-Tabulation


  • Drilling Intents/Permits
  • Well Completion & Recompletion
  • Well Plugging
  • Change of Operator
  • Spud Reports
  • Well Production & Graphing
  • Mapping


  • iScout®
  • Comprehensive Hearing Dockets
  • Filing Alerts & Notifications
  • Specialized & Customized Datasets
  • Litigation Evidence
  • Consulting


Trust is an attribute forged over time; one that’s accrued by performance and precision on a daily basis.

OLRs' longevity is a function of both its continual contribution to the oil and gas industry and dedication to passionately seeking new and better ways to contribute.

Just drive across Oklahoma or New Mexico, and when you see a well being drilled, chances are great that OLR was involved in some way. Or in many ways. And that’s why OLR-delivered information is utilized by practically every oil and gas company, whether independent or major; tapped by nearly every state and federal agency; and relied upon by virtually every individual who makes their living in the oil and gas industries of Oklahoma and New Mexico...because OLR delivers the data quickly, accurately, conveniently, and affordably. In this industry, that’s how trust is earned.


OLR operates in an industry where depth of information can reveal hidden opportunities of unprecedented value. As a result, the depth of an information provider's product is something that takes time, dedication, attention to detail and knowledge to create.

OLR’s "Source" Spacing Database is the only fully-interpreted database of spacing information in existence. This unique feature exponentially allows OLR’s client to preserve any energy company’s most valuable resource: Time. With it, you have the power to unravel and tie together historical spacing information up and down the geological strata – across geography and across time – allowing you to uncover unique opportunities for drilling new wells. And to identify renewed opportunities with existing wells.


Over its six-decade history, the consistency and quality of OLR’s information has been a direct result of the innovation and ‘outside the box’ thinking that has been present in OLR from the beginning.

Oil-Law Records was one of the very first oil and gas industry information providers in the U.S. OLR was on the cutting edge of record reporting then, and is now firmly entrenched as the ‘go-to’ information resource in Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Founded by some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the industry, OLR’s productive present is a product of its well-grounded past. The company’s future depends on improving upon what OLR’s previous six decades has built – a challenge not taken lightly.

Constantly learning from clients, adapting and revitalizing record keeping and data sharing are only part of the story. OLR is also continually improving the delivery of its offerings through the use of evolving technologies and the retention of the top personnel in its field. It’s the combination of all these strengths that keeps OLR at the forefront of the industry.